The Top-Watched Video Ads in Canada

10 videos to watch before you create your own online advertisement

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Video can be a powerful element of your online marketing campaign. But what takes a YouTube video from a few hundred views to hundreds of thousands, even millions of views? At the recent PROFIT 500 CEO Summit, Capital C’s Tony Chapman said promotional videos need to tell compelling stories. (More soundbites from the Summit.)

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How do you know what’s compelling? It may help to watch ads that have attracted an audience. There are examples of smart promotion and successful branding every day on YouTube, and Marketing Magazine will now be publishing a monthly ranking of the top-watched advertising videos in Canada. Marketing will post the 10 video spots most viewed by Canadians based on an algorithm that factors in paid views, organic views and view rate (how much of a video viewers choose to watch). This analytics wizardry is thanks to a new partnership with Google.

Marshall Self, head of media solutions at Google Canada, says it’s particularly exciting that a Canadian ad topped the inaugural list.  “We hope that [this] inspires more Canadian marketers and agencies to develop entertaining and engaging creative for the online ecosystem,” says Self.

Number one for this month is an ad for Visa’s “smallenfreuden” campaign, which encourages consumers to use their credit cards for small purchases—thus drawing criticism from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business and small retailers. (What do you think? Take our poll)

Number two is an ad for Audi featuring past and present Spocks Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy

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