The Perfect Tweet

A formula for making those 140 characters count

Written by Mira Shenker

While many a post has been devoted to this subject, what makes people click through to your content from Twitter is still up for debate. It’s never going to be a perfect science, but there are ways to increase the chances that your 140-character nuggets will draw people to your website.

Neomobile has created an infographic showing the best construction for a tweet. Most of the advice has been given before (keep it to 100 characters, don’t overuse hashtags) but it’s useful to see it all in one place. Order matters, and this formula has every tweet starting with a call to action and ending with the URL.  Follow that last piece of advice with caution: placing the URL at the end of a tweet looks neater, but it also means that’s the first thing to get cut off if someone adds their own commentary when they retweet you.

What do you think? Did they miss anything? Leave your comments below.

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