The New Connected World

From helping to catch criminals to enabling the future of autonomous cars to finding the perfect mortgage, data is at the heart of tomorrow’s economy

The New Connected World

How 5G mobile data will enable the next generation of VR, autonomous cars and more

The most exciting technologies of the next few years are hungry for data—more of it, and faster than ever. Here’s how 5G makes them possible

How digital finance startups are rewriting the rules of saving and borrowing

Financial technology firms are using big data, machine learning and ubiquitous networking to revolutionize how money flows through the financial system

How a new wave of startups are bringing law enforcement into the digital age

At home and abroad, Canadian companies are using new technologies to help police forces solve cold cases and deal with 21st century threats

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Ericsson: Making 5G a reality

Ericsson is bringing you 5G, the next generation mobile network.