Startups to Watch: Stratford, Ontario

Known for its globally renowned Shakespeare theatre festival, Stratford is also emerging as a stage for high-tech startups

Startups to Watch: Stratford

How Stratford, Ontario, is luring global startups with its smart-city plan

Known for its renowned Shakespeare festival, this city of 32,000 is also making a name for itself as a technology hub

How Vinesource helps winemakers protect against counterfeiting

Integrating low-powered radio chips into packaging allows vintners—and wine aficianados—verify their bottles with a smartphone app

How Powernoodle helps companies make better decisions

This Stratford, Ontario software company makes a cloud-based tool that allows leaders to collect anonymous feedback from teams

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Like online dating for business, this small Stratford, Ont., software company helps match employees and teams based on personality traits