Spotify’s CEO says Apple Music is helping his rival service grow

Apple’s entry into digital streaming music is validating the model and bringing in more customers, says Daniel Ek

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek on stage

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek unveiling the service’s new platform in May 2015. (Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty)

The launch of Apple Music has only helped Spotify, according to CEO Daniel Ek. In fact, the music-streaming service has seen growth “accelerate” since its high-profile competitor launched on June 30.

“They’re growing the category,” Ek said in Toronto, where he was promoting a partnership with Rogers Communications (which owns Canadian Business). “I think they’ll do pretty well. What we’re seeing is that we’re doing really well, right now, because of all the marketing.”

Spotify’s overall mission is to expand the music industry, Ek said. The launch of Apple Music helps with that goal. “The more that we pay out to artists, the more great music that they can create, which we can put back out there.”

The existence of competing services also helps to normalize streaming services, leading consumers to be less fixated on whether they own the music. “Two years ago, I was still encountering people who said ‘I really like owning my music, so maybe streaming isn’t for me,’” Ek said. “This year, the big difference is everyone realizes this is the future. And that’s definitely because Apple has validated the thing that we said 10 years ago.”