Seven telltale signs your employee is looking for a new job elsewhere

It’s rare for someone to up and quit without any warning. Employers should watch for the signs that your star worker is about to jump ship

Woman staring pensively out the window of her office

“I am so outta here.” (Thomas Barwick/Getty)

Noticed any of the following behaviour in your workplace? Your people might be antsy and looking to leave:

1. Dressing for the job they want (somewhere else)

Looking (suspiciously) sharp. If, after years in Lululemon, a staffer is suddenly showing up for work kitted out like the boss, maybe they’re dressing for the job they want…somewhere else.

2. Phoning it in

Decreased productivity. If a star performer isn’t striving the way they usually do, or if they’re cool as a cucumber while everyone else is stressing out, it could be because they’ve got no interest in how things turn out. They won’t be around.

3. Missing in action

A big uptick in sick days and afternoons off. Anyone with a previously perfect attendance record who’s suddenly MIA with no explanation could be ducking out for interviews elsewhere.

4. Clockwatching

Regular 5:01 departure times. Taking “nine-to-five” this literally is a good sign your employee isn’t exactly super-engaged in their work.

5. Title-torquing

New-title hunting. If an team member is gunning for a fancy new title—but not so much for more money—it might be because they’re keen to upgrade the old resumé.

6. Sprucing up on social

Updated online profiles. Keep your eyes open for updates your people might be making to their social media accounts. (That is, to accounts that are public—you don’t want to be a snoop.) A big change to a LinkedIn profile is an especially telling indicator, of course, but don’t ignore Facebook, Twitter or Instagram: Makeovers on these social platforms might mean your employee is housecleaning to secure a new gig.

7. Shifting priorities

Life changes. It’s not always your fault if a staffer is looking to move on; sometimes an off-hours situation warrants a different day job. Big life events—babies, divorces, new partners, even a move to a new address—can mean more change is in order.