Retail report card: The Body Shop

Written by Laura Pratt

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We’re also impressed by our experience at The Body Shop. “My house smells like the hamster that died in my armchair,” I tell the girl who smilingly approaches as we enter. “Can you help?” She can, as it turns out, and masterfully. With just the right mix of professionalism and compassion, this salesperson for the socially conscious purveyor of body, face, hair and home products delivers us efficiently from problem to solution. She knows the differences among the store’s various styles of oil burners (the ones with the closed backs release fragrances more effectively), can account for the price variances, the different units’ safeness and even their likelihood to inspire allergies.

“She is pleasant to talk to,” Brygidyr says, “but, more important than that, she has authority. That’s critical.”
Grade: B+

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