Q&A: Reid Campbell, 2012 FuEL Award Winner

Written by Frank Condron

Age: 27

Company: VMG Cinematic

Location: Toronto

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What do you think was the smartest single thing you did to get your business to the point it is at now?

I started it with the right people. My business partners and I all possess different strengths.

How optimistic are you about the Canadian economy in the next 12 months? What makes you optimistic/pessimistic?

I think the biggest hit is already behind us, so I’m feeling optimistic overall. Although Canada relies heavily on the state of the global economy, it has a healthy track record and predictions are that the economy will grow, although perhaps not dramatically.

Do you think the rewards of being an entrepreneur outweigh the investment you make in time and effort to run your own business? What are those rewards for you?

Absolutely! Owning your own business and doing what you love, and have been involved in for as long as you can remember, trumps any late night in the office.

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