Q&A: Rebecca Cotter, 2012 FuEL Award Winner

Written by Frank Condron

Age: 29

Company: Water-on-Wheels

Location: Toronto

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What do you think was the smartest single thing you did to get your business to the point it is at now?

The single smartest thing I did to get Water-on-Wheels to this point is simply believing in the WOW concept and committing to get the business off the ground. Working in the events’ industry has given me invaluable insight into the needs and expectations of event coordinators that hire the WOW service, and I am glad I took advantage of my business concept when I did.

Do you think the rewards of being an entrepreneur outweigh the investment you make in time and effort to run your own business? What are those rewards for you?

Certainly the time and effort a business owner invests in their company can far exceed that of an “average” workweek. However, one of the greatest rewards I’ve experienced in being an entrepreneur is that there is very little about the entrepreneurial experience that is anything close to average. I have the flexibility to try new things, innovate and bring new ideas to the business every day.

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