PROFIT HOT 50: Canada's fastest-growing startups

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Canada’s Emerging Growth Companies are a tiny elite. Most of the tens of thousands of businesses launched each year in this country fail within a few years. Even among the survivors, only a precious few expand at anything close to the blistering pace of the PROFIT HOT 50, whose revenue growth averaged 1,007% over the past two years.

What makes these companies so special? It’s not as if they’re immune to the hurdles that face other businesses. When HOT 50 CEOs were asked to cite the external obstacles that had prevented even faster growth, they listed a series of challenges that will be wearily familiar to other entrepreneurs, such as a sectoral downturn, qualified worker shortages, prospects’ reluctance to buy from a young firm, and currency fluctuations.

Yet, despite these obstacles, every HOT 50 firm at least doubled its revenue from 2006 through 2008, and 13 grew by at least 1,000%. The extraordinary performance of the PROFIT HOT 50 goes beyond the top line. Fully 70% were already in the black in 2008.

Results like these deserve the attention of all entrepreneurs with an interest in growing their businesses. So how did the HOT 50 do it? Read on for insight into how to create a growth star in any industry

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