PROFIT 100 Videos: Lessons from Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies

Written by ProfitGuide

On June 16th, 2009, entrepreneurs from all over Canada descended on Toronto for the annual PROFIT 100 CEO Summit, an annual conference for leaders of Canadaۉ€ž¢s Fastest-Growing Companies. In between all the speeches, business development sessions and awards, PROFIT had the chance to interview five guest speakers who offered up valuable insight on a number of important issues.

Google marketing tips

Scott Wilson, founder of

A leading expert in Search Engine Optimization, Wilson explains how to get your company to top Google searches.

Road to success

Dr. Ron Dembo, founder of Zerofootprint

Dembo was this year’s keynote speaker and for good reason: he formed Algorithmics, sold it at the top of its game and is now running a company that helps the environment. Hear his story.

Find your competitive edge

Dr. Nick Bontis, professor at DeGroote School of Business

Bontis is an expert on intellectual capital and its impact on performance, so, naturally, he talked to us about productivity and how to encourage employees to “share” and not “horde”.

Preparing for the future

Richard Worzel, futurist and CFA

Preparing your business for the future is always a challenge, but Worzel, a leading futurist, is here to help. Here he talks about innovation and preparation.

Economic outlook

Economist Don Drummond

Everyone’s got the economy on their brain, so who better to tell us what’s really going on than this renowned economist.

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