PROFIT 100: Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies

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You won’t find many CEOs who say that 2009 was a great year for business. With an economy suffering from one the steepest recession since the Second World War, many entrepreneurial companies barely survived, let alone thrived. Laying off staff, cutting costs and delaying expansion plans unfortunately became commonplace. But, in entrepreneurial fashion, the PROFIT 100 learned from the recession — and will be stronger for it.

Considering how tough last year was, the firms that make up PROFIT’s 22nd annual ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies did extremely well. They’ve grown their annual revenue by an average of 1,752% over the past five years (2004-09), and no company on the list grew by less than 605%. (For good measure, we’ve also ranked the Next 100: Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies, Nos. 101-200.)

While the recession may be over, the lessons learned over the past year will last forever and can be applied to any business. So, whether you’re just getting your entrepreneurial feet wet or have been running a company for years, our stories about Canada’s rising business stars and their effective management practices will give you the tools and inspiration to grow your own enterprise.

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