Profile: Milan Vrekic, 2012 FuEL Award Winner

Written by Frank Condron

Milan Vrekic

Founder and CEO | TitanFile


Employees: 6 | Age: 28

Q&A from Milan Vrekic

Less than a decade ago, Milan Vrekic immigrated to Canada from Serbia with no contacts and just $450. Now, his company, TitanFile, provides top-level online security, privacy and “chain of custody” information to a growing list of legal, financial and engineering firms, academic institutions such as MIT and even Saudi oil merchants.

One of TitanFile’s key differentiators is being the first company to offer a product that allows for what Vrekic calls “client-side, blind-party” encryption. “This allows clients to send and receive confidential documents and know when, where and how someone had access to them—without us, the service provider, knowing what the content of the files is,” Vrekic explains.

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