Pop Quiz: Will you be found?

Written by Paul Lima

Rank high in search engine results, and your business could climb. This test will help you discover whether you’re taking enough steps to rise above the crowd.

Answer True (T) or False (F) to each of the following statements.


My company has submitted its website to popular search engines for indexing and paid listing fees to selected search engines to expedite indexing.

Our website includes a site map, which helps search engines find all of our Web pages.

Our site has a search tool, and we analyze the terms that visitors use to search our site.

Our website description, Web pages and corresponding description “tags” include the same terms that prospective customers would use when searching for what we sell.

Because search engines cannot read graphics, text descriptions accompany relevant graphics and images on our site (e.g., logos).

My firm does not fill Web pages and page descriptions with superfluous keywords, to avoid penalization by popular search engines.

Our business partners link from their sites to our site, which improves rankings by some search engines (e.g., Google).

We supplement our efforts with pay-per-click ads that display in search results only when our keywords are used.

We regularly monitor our search engine performance and optimize our site for the best results.


Give yourself one point for each “True” statement. The higher your score, the better your search engine rankings should be.

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