Pop Quiz: What’s your tech edge?

Written by Greg Fjetland

You’ve heard all the talk of how technology can revolutionize a business, but too few companies realize its potential. Could it be that they simply aren’t doing enough to leverage tech — and are you one of them?

Take this true/false test to find out.

Your company:

1. Can articulate how its current technology tools are generating productivity, revenue and profit.

2. Has recently completed a survey of its IT equipment and needs.

3. Taps trade journals or industry associations to learn what helpful new technologies are out there.

4. Has drawn up one- and three-year IT strategic plans.

5. Supports regular technology training for its staff.

6. Is aware of the industry-specific technologies that are being leveraged by the competition.

7. Employs someone whose responsibilities include managing and evaluating your firm’s tech practices and opportunities, and who sits at the table with other senior decision-makers.

8. Guarantees budgets for tech upgrades (e.g., new laptops every three years) that adhere to a fixed schedule.


Give yourself one point for every “True” response. The higher you score, the better positioned your company is to take advantage of technology.

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