Opportunities 2015

Opportunities Guide 2015: Big ideas to turbocharge any business

Smart strategies and hot trends to help you make more money this year

Cocktail napkin with doodles about business ideas for 2015


Founders and CEOs on the big business opportunities of 2015

We asked some of Canada’s most innovative entrepreneurs what they’re keeping their eye on this year. Here’s what they said

Illustration of a robot selling tickets

Help banks think more like Apple

Financial institutions face new threats from digital players. They’re starting to fight back

Illustration of a circuit-board brain

Harness “deep learning” artificial intelligence to spot patterns

Artificial intelligence still sounds like science fiction, but one branch of it has made progress that will change how we do business

A plant pictured on a tablet

The appification of agriculture

As the Canadian Wheat Board winds down, farmers are finding new ways to reach buyers. That has online grain-trading market FarmLead growing like a weed

Cricket perching on a leaf of dry grass

Can consumers be convinced to eat insects?

Dozens of companies hope nutritional and ecological benefits can overcome diners’ squeamishness

A flexible strip of LED lights from Cooledge Lighting

LED lighting is finally hitting its tipping point

Semiconductor-based light sources will comprise 60% of the market by 2020 and Canadian companies are well-poised to compete on a global scale

(Illustration by Dale Edwin Murray)

Retrofit dumb appliances into smart ones

Someday, we’ll all live in smart homes. Until then, we’ll need to retrofit our old ones

Illustration of a magnifying glass finding money

Make big money from smaller markets

The founders of health-care firm Nurse Next Door used to turn up their noses at tiny markets. Now they seek them out

Urban Barns’ vertical lettuce-farming facility in Montreal

Montreal’s Urban Barns pioneers a green new take on the factory farm

Long posited as an environmentally- and cost-friendly concept, Urban Barns is turning “vertical farming” into reality

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