Must-See Marketing: McDonald’s and BMW show real consumers’ stories

Plus, ads from Geico and Czech Republic auto manufacturer Skoda that test your attention span.

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This week in Ads You Must See:

Other items of note from Marketing:

BMW Canada partnered with the Globe and Mail on a new branded content campaign to promote its X series vehicles. The ‘Life X’ campaign selected three Toronto-based personalities to appear in videos that showcase the automaker’s X3, X4 and X6 models. “We wanted to ensure that readers could identify with a real-life person who exemplifies the personality of each of the X Range vehicle family,” Kris Davis, senior vice-president of Media Experts, BMW’s media agency which helped develop the campaign, told Marketing’s Rebecca Harris.

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Marketing’s Jeff Fraser looks at how Canadian Tire has been driving sales during the winter holiday season: Christmas lights and data. The retailer had set the objective to grow its in-store sales and brand metrics during the holidays, and turned to in-store and online purchase records, financial data from its branded credit cards, as well as partner data. They were looking for items that were most often being paired with other items. “They wanted to know: what product had the highest propensity to drive overall sales, not just in related categories, but throughout the entire store,” writes Jeff Fraser.  They discovered everyone was shopping for Christmas lights.

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Finally, McDonald’s Canada launched a campaign this week with a new brand positioning and tagline, “Welcome to McDonald’s,” which focuses on the daily life at its stores. The fast food chain teamed up with Montreal-based advertising agency N/A to build a campaign around authentic stories about McDonald’s. “Light” film crews went into McDonald’s locations and captured how people were eating, filming more than 115 hours and interviewing 450 customers. The campaign includes two TV spots, “Nicknames” and “A Place.” The new campaign is set to run for the next five weeks.

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