Must-See Marketing of the Week: Captain Morgan is 'Made Different'

Plus, Chevrolet and the Australian brand Dolmio look at how technology can change the family dynamic

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Spotify is introducing playlist targeting that will enable advertisers to target listeners by mood and/or activity. The streaming music service has said that there are 15 “core” playlist categories—chill, romance, commute, study road trip, etc.—that advertisers can use to access listeners based on the premise that listeners will be more receptive to ads that reflect their current mood, writes Marketing’s Chris Powell. The service, which has approximately 60 million users in 58 markets, is also introducing “genre targeting” which allows brands to reach audiences that have a preference for a specific kind of music. The ad targeting function will be available in North America starting May 1st.

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With the news that single-serve coffee pods are bad for the environment, some coffee makers are looking for a more eco-friendly solution that still allows them to play in North America’s fast-growing, multibillion-dollar single-serve coffee market. Club Coffee is launching what it says will be the world’s first completely compostable single-serve pod later this year, according to Marketing. Developed by researchers from the University of Guelph, the PürPod 100 is a pod that will be certified as 100% compostable and can be converted into useful compost. Club Coffee expects the pods to be certified, in production and on store shelves in both Canada and the U.S. by the fall.

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Rum has been the drink of choice for Maritimers thanks to “rum runs”—when sailors from Nova Scotia delivering liquor to the U.S. during prohibition—that took place during the 1920s and 1930s. White rum brand Captain Morgan is honouring its East Coast connection with the launch of a special Atlantic-only campaign. The campaign reminds Maritimers of the unique relationship it has with Captain Morgan’s white rum, emphasizing that the East Coast is an outlier within Canada by celebrating ‘Made Different.’ Marketing’s Russ Martin writes that Captain Morgan’s product is different on the East Coast compared to what’s sold elsewhere in Canada:

“The product itself is a little different out East, where Captain Morgan makes a white rum with a greenish tinge (while most rums are treated to be perfectly clear, the brand has maintained the original process it used in 1953, when Nova Scotia was became the first province to sell the label). More filtered versions of the rum were later introduced across Canada, but the original was a hit in the province, so Diageo has continued to sell it across the eastern provinces.”

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