Must-See Marketing of the Week: Canada is now an app nation

PLUS: Ad blocking goes mobile, and shedding light on mental illness—literally

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CAMH sheds light on mental illness with overnight event 

Mental illness affects one in five Canadians. This year, DentsuBos in Toronto is creating an all-nighter event on Friday to combat mental illness dubbed the Darkness to Light challenge. It aims to collect funds for CAMH (Centre for Addition and Mental Health). “What we devised was an event based off the insight that mental health issues leave a person in a very dark place. We wanted to literally bring light both to the subject of mental illness and to the people suffering it,” says Jon Freir, vice-president, creative director at DentsuBos.


Where consumers spend their time in apps

A new study found that Canadians spend the most time on messaging and social apps, with Facebook leading the way at 22% of total time. “Canada is now an app nation and in mobile we have an app economy and not a browser economy,” said Claude Galipeau, country manager at Yahoo Canada. “We see a pivot change in usage and marketers need to pay attention to where consumers are, which is in app.”


Ad blocking comes to mobile

Advertisers and publishers are being threatened with more ad revenue losses as two ad blocking companies are about to launch new mobile-focused ad blocking technologies beyond desktop blocking. Eeyo, the maker of Adblock Plus, just announced a new ad-free mobile browser for Android users downloadable from the Android Play Store, while another Israeli company called Shine is currently testing mobile ad blocking for several unnamed mobile carriers in Europe.