Must-See Marketing of the Week: Buzzfeed launches in Canada

PLUS: Taco bell gets hip to the kids’ fresh lingo, and Blacks Photography fades out

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BuzzFeed Canada is here

BuzzFeed finally launched its Canadian edition this Wednesday. Its current team of six journalists and two sales staff are working from their downtown Toronto office serving a sizable Canadian audience (10 million unique monthly visitors from Canada on its American edition), which beats Metro’s 1.1 million and the National Post‘s 2 million. The popular news website’s impressive traffic stats have attracted Canadian brands like Walmart, Diageo, Toyota, TSN, Travel Alberta and Rogers (which owns Marketing) to advertise there.


Despite bold rebrand, Blacks shuts down

Canadian photography retailer Blacks will shut down all of its 59 locations this summer, citing failure to adapt to technological changes in the marketplace as the cause. Its parent company Telus acquired Blacks in 2009 (when it had 113 stores), in order to increase the reach of the telecommunications company. But since then, consumers have replaced traditional photography brands with high quality smartphone cameras.


Taco Bell studying slang to better understand Millennials 

Taco Bell executives are working to understand the lingo of their most important customer segment – the millennials – to better market to them. The company features a “Millennial Word of the Week” posted on screens and monitors around their office, curated by a group of employees in their 20s.