Must-See Marketing: Leo Burnett wins big at Cannes

Canadian creatives did remarkably well at this year's Cannes International Festival of Creativity. Plus: Media buyers are wasting huge sums due to faulty intel.

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Cannes 2015: Leo Burnett wins Canada’s first Titanium Lion

With the final Lions handed out, it’s clear by any measure that the 62nd International Festival of Creativity in Cannes has been Canada’s best—by a wide margin. Thanks to an 11-Lion closing night, Canadian agencies and marketers will be bringing 34 Lions back across the Atlantic.


Video advertisers wasting up to $77-million on bad metrics

The study found that when video buyers optimize based on how often their videos register a completion (without taking into account whether a real human is watching), they will make bad optimization decisions 29% of the time. Optimizing based on click-throughs isn’t much better, resulting in bad decisions 17% of the time.


A Canadian shade of kink (kinda NSFW)

Durex Canada released its “Play, Eh?” online spot just before Canada Day, the ideal time to showcase The Niagara Falls, The Maple Leaf and The Maple Cinnamon Twist, all of which are… well, perhaps we’ll let the ad speak for itself (even though the actors don’t really say much).