Must-See Marketing of the Week: Forget Beauty, Consumers Care About Fitness

Plus, a new Microsoft study shows that while our attention spans are shortening, our capacity to recall information is getting better

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Survey finds that most consumers actually like how they look, spawns new term: “beauty fatigue”

Contrary to what marketers might think, most consumers like how they look and feel positive about their bodies, according to a new report from Havas Worldwide. And globally, there’s a prevailing attitude of “beauty fatigue”— the pushback against artificial, imposed standards of beauty.


Toronto weight loss clinic, recently cautioned by formal body for producing misleading ads, launches new campaign poking fun at fad diets  

Toronto strategy and creative agency Giants & Gentlemen has launched a new video campaign for weight-loss firm Dr. Bernstein. With the tagline, “Been there. Done that? Time for something that works,” the campaign launched May 4 is aimed at those who have tried several diet fads without success. The video, which will be seen on TV, online, pre-roll and OOH, pokes fun at several dieting trends, from green smoothies to ’80s aerobics.


Attention spans are affected by digital media and that’s good news for marketers

People’s attention spans are dwindling, but it’s not all bad news for marketers. Tech-savvy consumers are getting better at processing information and encoding that information to memory, according to a new study from Microsoft Canada.