Must-See Marketing of the Week: Maple Leaf Foods wants you to ditch your mobile device for hot dogs

Plus, Ram Trucks empowers women, Benzac looks down on teens, and an installation in Chicago commemorates victims of violence

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Canada’s Olympic program ‘Own the Podium’ is enlisting the help of Canadian Tire.  The retailer’s team of data crunchers are working with the Olympic program in an attempt to bolster the country’s performance at major athletic events. “With our analysis and predictive models, Own the Podium will be able to make new funding decisions that will better help Canadian athletes train, compete and dominate on the world stage,” said Canadian Tire senior vice-president Duncan Fulton in a press released this week. Over the next three years, the Canadian Tire analysts will study decades worth of competition results dating back to the 1930s, and dissect any insights out of the data as possible, writes Marketing’s Jered Stuffco. Right now, analysts are hoping that swimming data will help coaches get Canadian athletes on the right track to win at the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo.

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Despite the shuttering of many Canadian retailers over the last year, the country’s retail industry is getting ready to turn over a new leaf. Retail’s next wave will be composed mostly of international high-end and luxury brands that are entering into Canada, and shopping centres in the Greater Toronto Area are getting multimillion-dollar makeovers to accommodate them, writes Marketing’s Rebecca Harris. “Many of these malls are looking for opportunities to expand and they’re catering to the higher-end,” Toronto-based retail consultant Ed Strapagiel told Marketing. “But there’s this herd mentality at that end of the market. Luxury and upper-end retailers tend to like to locate near each other.”

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Maple Leaf Foods wants Canadians to swap their mobile phones for hot dogs. The company launched a new campaign targeted towards moms, families and milliennials encouraging customers to put the phone down, and enjoy some face time with family and friends over an outdoor meal where hot dogs are being served.  Maple Leaf launched two TV spots that airing nationally in French and English until August 10.

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