Must-See Marketing of the Week: Buick courts younger customers

Plus, Expedia and the Royal Danish Ballet use music in their ads to spark imagination and flights of fancy.

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Other items of note from Marketing:

Buick is hoping for a comeback by courting young customers.  Its new campaign and tagline “That’s not a Buick” is intended to change consumers’ perception that the brand is only for those just around the corner from retirement.

The four-spot television ad campaign is changing the way people view the brand because it replaces the outdated image of stodgy, boring cars, Tony DiSalle, the brand’s vice-president of marketing, said. “It all goes after the same message, which is really challenging the dateness perception that’s in the minds of the consumer,” he said.

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Bloomberg announced that it’ll launch a 24-hour Canadian business TV channel that’s aimed at the business community.  Bloomberg TV Canada is set to launch in the middle of this year, and will have about 35% of its content produced domestically and broadcast from a new studio in Toronto’s financial district, close to Bloomberg Canada’s headquarters.  In a news release about the new TV channel, founder and majority owner Michael Bloomberg said, “Canada is a vital market for us.”

Finally, the international entertainment corporation eOne is launching Canada’s first Instagram video campaign.  To promote the movie Insurgent, the sequel to teen dystopian blockbuster Divergent, eOne (the film’s Canadian distributor), Facebook and the digital creative and marketing agency Spoke-Isobar have partnered to launch two 15-second looping ads that can be viewed on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.  “Damien Lemaitre, vice-president of media for Spoke-Isobar said Instagram’s platform made sense because of its huge adoption by Canadian teens, and that the team wanted to develop unique content for Instagram users excited about the film,” writes Marketing’s Jeff Fraser.

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