Must-See Marketing of the Week: Toyota plays matchmaker

Plus, Trojan and Audi jump on the ’50 Shades of Grey’ bandwagon.

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Ontario Toyota Dealers are getting into the matchmaking business. In an attempt to connect with millennials, the Ontario Toyota Dealers Association (OTDA) launched TMatch, an online tool that’s supposed to help first-time buyers find the perfect car for their lifestyle. Visitors to fill out an interactive questionnaire asking them questions like “Do you have a dog?,” “How green are you?,” and “What’s your monthly payment range?” When the survey is completed, “consumers are given their top three matches along with the car’s photo, description, specifications, and a number of tips on safe driving and vehicle maintenance,” writes Marketing’s Michelle DiPardo.

Sobeys wants you to eat your greens. The retailer has enlisted the help of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to be the face for its latest healthy eating campaign that’s asking shoppers to “Power up with Green.” The campaign isn’t just about touting Sobeys’ produce section, but also encouraging shoppers to eat more greens and to find new ways of adding veggies into everyday cooking.

Sobeys wanted to do more than merely tout the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables. Instead, it wanted to provide cooking solutions and ways that Canadians can try new greens.

“For example, we know that kale is a vegetable that’s very popular and on trend, but that doesn’t necessarily mean people know how to prepare it,” Paul Kurvits, director of brand marketing for Sobeys, explained. “[The campaign] is really as much about the cooking and preparation as it is about getting Canadians to explore new vegetables.”

Finally, Boston Pizza has launched a new campaign that’s focusing on fan culture and the brand’s connection to sports. The restaurant chain created a ‘Fanifesto’ to show consumers its ties tosports culture. The campaign launched today and offers a new tagline for the company: “We’ll Make You A Fan.” Expect more ads in the coming weeks as Boston Pizza highlights fan stories as part of its new marking campaign.

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