LinkedIn Creates New Version of Company Page

The professional networking site creates "showcase pages," giving businesses a more targeted way to connect with potential customers

Written by Mira Shenker

LinkedIn has announced a new feature called a Showcase Page that will allow businesses with multiple products or brands to develop separate fan bases for each one. Unlike a Company Page, Showcase Pages are committed to one aspect of a company’s business. LinkedIn members may only be interested in following one facet of your business. Instead of following your Company Page, now they can get content and updates about one specific product or service.

Early Showcase Page users have mostly been tech giants such as Microsoft (which has already created pages focused on Office and Dynamics) and Adobe (which now has a page for its Creative Cloud suite of products and its Marketing Cloud).

But there’s nothing stopping smaller businesses from creating pages to promote specific products or services. Each company can create up to 10 Showcase Pages for free. Like most social media platforms, LinkedIn also offers a paid option. Businesses looking to promote these new pages can do so with Follower Ads and Sponsored Updates.

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The change is part of LinkedIn’s strategy to shed its reputation as nothing more than an online repository of resumes to a publishing platform.

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LinkedIn isn’t abandoning the job board components of its site—company pages will still have job listings. And it’s launching a new feature called Talent Updates, which allows recruiters to post status updates directly to company followers.

HootSuite has a useful how-to for companies looking to create a Showcase Page. Note: this functionality may not be available to all users yet. LinkedIn is rolling it out globally starting this week.

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