How Launch Academy aims to train 100,000 Canadian startup entrepreneurs

The Vancouver-based startup accelerator has partnered with advocacy group Startup Canada to offer a condensed version of its training online

Someone coding on a laptop

(Luis Llerena/Unsplash)

Startup Canada and Launch Academy have joined forces to recruit and train a 100,000-strong army of entrepreneurs to build better companies in Canada over the next 10 years. With promotional help from the national association, Launch Academy, a Vancouver incubator, is making a condensed version of its Lean Entrepreneur Acceleration Program (LEAP) available online. The course helps founders think of their companies as a series of experiments aimed at locating the sweet spot where enabling technology meets a receptive market.

“Many startup communities do not have the same resources as Silicon Valley,” says Launch Academy co-founder and chief strategy officer Alex Chuang. “Our aim is to empower 100,000 Canadian entrepreneurs to compete on the same playing field.”

Tuition for the five-week course is $299. There is an interactive component, whereby instructors keep virtual office hours to answer students’ questions. “Students can also get peer support” through a chat app, Chuang points out. Graduates will receive a digital certificate from Launch Academy.