Jonathan Seelig

Written by Danny Roth


Founder and Vice-President, Strategy and Corporate Development, Akamai Technologies

Claim to Fame

Founded Akamai Technologies, Inc.




Vancouver, BC

Currently residing in

Boston, MA

Hawaiian for intelligent, clever and cool, “Akamai” is a company with a mission: to transform the delivery of Internet content and applications to make Web congestion a thing of the past.

The company’s distributed network and technology platform for content and application delivery, content customization, and business intelligence, comprises more than 13,000 servers within over 1,000 networks in 63 countries. With headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Akamai provides services to 1300 companies worldwide including Apple, FedEx, Motorola, Time Warner and Yahoo!

Leading that commitment to worldwide service is Akamai’s co-founder and vice-president of strategy and corporate development, Jonathan Seelig. In his role, Seelig focuses on new technology and business initiatives that support Akamai’s core business and its future growth. He is responsible for Akamai’s positioning with respect to next-generation infrastructures and new international market expansion.

Seelig grew up in Vancouver and then spent time in Tel Aviv, Israel working for ECI Telecom. He graduated with honors from Stanford University with a BSc degree in physics, and attended MIT’s Sloan School of Management, where he is currently on a leave of absence from his studies to devote full-time attention on growing Akamai.

Seelig is recognized as an industry thought leader and has spoken at major industry events and conferences including Agenda, Vortex, Internet World, Comdex, and many others.

Through Seelig’s efforts, as well as those of his colleagues, Akamai has grown from sales of US$4 million in 1999 to US$163 million in 2001.

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