Hype Danger

Google Glass. Bitcoin. Where do some of the year's most talked-about business trends and opportunities rate on the hype-danger meter?

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A lot of hype doesn’t necessarily equal a lot of opportunity. The editors at PROFIT looked into a few of the year’s most talked-about business trends and rated them on a scale of hit to empty hype.


Major cities have probably hit peak froyo, but there’s still hearty demand for new outlets in smaller markets (especially college towns). Just remember this is Canada, and your stores may be as barren as the tundra from October through April. HYPE DANGER: YELLOW (2)

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Promoters swear they’ll make our roads safer. But the vast legal, regulatory, infrastructural and insurance issues make adoption in the short term a long shot. HYPE DANGER: RED (4)


The explosive growth of micro-breweries, farmers’ markets and proves rich, young hipsters crave the authentic (or the illusion thereof). So, when in doubt, go handcrafted and small batch and anachronistically produced will find a robust niche with affluent consumers. HYPE DANGER: GREEN (1)

hype bitcoinBITCOIN

While there’s enough breathless buzz about the digital currency on online tech forums to fill a mint, there’s little to suggest it’ll gain the widespread acceptance needed to make it a viable alternative to government-backed notes (at least, not any time soon). That said, if your clients skew geekish, you could gain some cred—and even business—by accepting this digital currency. Otherwise, it’s best to treat Bitcoin as a risky novelty. HYPE DANGER: ORANGE (3)

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Individual gizmos like Google Glass may prove a bust, but personal trackers have endless potential. No one’s lost money over-estimating our capacity to obsess about ourselves. HYPE DANGER: GREEN (1)

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