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Slack founder Stewart Butterfield on how to be in two places at once

Always take the last flight out founder Stewart Butterfiel founder Stewart Butterfield. (Kris Krüg)

“I spend a lot of time travelling between Vancouver and San Francisco, but I have the trip down to a science. Travelling on the latest possible flight at night means I lose the fewest number of working hours. And because the airports are much less busy at night, I waste less time waiting around. The two-hour flight is actually a nice break from the always-on lifestyle.”

“But the most important factors are the tools and the people. Having a great team means I don’t need to be in the same room (or even in the same city) for magical things to keep happening. And we use Slack, which puts all our conversations in one place, regardless of anyone’s physical location.”

Stewart Butterfield, CEO and founder of team communication service Slack, which has offices in Vancouver and San Francisco

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