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Hyundai dealer Greg Carrasco on how to sell 32 cars in one day

“The euphoria and adrenalin is running, you’re wired until 1 or 2 in the morning”

Greg Carrasco of Oakville Hyundai

(Greg Carrasco)

“The best time to sell a car is when you’ve just sold one. The positive energy is fresh in your body and people feed off that. The whole atmosphere is contagious.

“The day we sold 32 cars, we were supposed to close at six. My rule has always been that we go home when the last customer leaves, and we stayed open until eight or nine. We sold 32 cars.

“I remember taking the staff out for a few drinks. You just can’t go to sleep. The euphoria and adrenalin is running, and you’re wired until one or two in the morning. The next day? Just another working day.”

—Greg Carrasco, host of the Greg Carrasco Show on AM640 and general manager of Hyundai of Oakville in Ontario