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How to stay on the cutting edge at any age

The 69-year-old founder and CEO of dating app Clover says the best way to stay fresh is to follow your curiosity

Clover founder Isaac Raichyk

Clover founder Isaac Raichyk. (Portrait by Adrian Armstrong)

Isaac Raichyk, is the 69-year-old founder and CEO of dating app Clover. What’s his secret to staying on top of the fast-moving tech world at any age? He says it just requires a little curiosity:

“In my world, I work with young people every day. Young people are always talking about dating. I’ve dated a lot in my life, so I have my own opinions. I think I understand human nature better than a 20-year-old does.

“For instance, I don’t believe you can fall in love with someone from a picture. If you want to find the love of your life, you have to go out and meet a lot of people. That’s why we developed our on-demand dating feature. You can say, “I want a date tomorrow at 7 p.m.” and get one with our app.

“But I stay in touch with what’s happening today because I’m always wired in. I have my iPhone with me everywhere. I work out a lot, so if I’m on the elliptical, I’m on Twitter. I’m reading what people are saying about Tinder, about us. I read the comments on articles. I want to see what people are actually saying.

“It’s not big, philosophical knowledge that matters in business. It’s the details, the in-the-weeds knowledge. In the end, you just have to be curious.”