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Three key steps to making a successful promotional product video

You need to shift your perspective

Sandwich Video founder Adam Lisagor

(Screengrab/Sandwich Video)

Adam Lisagor is Internet famous. The founder of Sandwich Video has gained a following for his pitchman skills, showing off geeky tech products to viewers in a way that makes their innovative brilliance shine through. Lisagor’s 90–120 second explanatory videos helped now-famous startups like Square, Warby Parker and Flipboard get noticed.

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Here he is simplifying a particularly difficult-to-explain but incredibly useful service, Slack:

These are three things Lisagor says are crucial to selling your product:

1. Pretend you’re someone else

“If you are a person or a company that makes a product, you know that product more intimately than anybody else does, and you’ve been living with it for a while. I think the smartest thing you can do is try to shift your perspective and look at it through the lens of someone who’s never used your product before, doesn’t know anything about the market, doesn’t know the context, what you’re competitors are doing, anything like that. Somebody who you have to explain the product to on a very elemental level.”

2. Chop, chop, chop

“Practice condensing it more and more and stripping away more and more so that the person receiving the information is going to have a full-picture—not feature-wise, because features are a separate thing—but so that when you’re finishing explaining your product to somebody else who’s brand new to it, they can turn around and explain it to their friend without much problem.”

3. Add seasoning

“I have so many people asking why I called the company Sandwich, and the answer that I give retroactively is that a sandwich is the perfect content-delivery mechanism. What you’re essentially trying to do is take all the elements of your product apart and assemble them back together in a digestible package so that there is no barrier to understanding.

“All the video stuff that we do—all the trickery and the characters and the music and the editing and the graphics—that’s all condiments and seasoning and flavour. It’s all to make the content more digestible.”