How Indochino gets a new suit to your door in under two weeks

Indochino relies on a complex chain of clothing manufacturers to get customized suits to customers quickly

Why Design Matters

Indochino’s supply chain is designed to minimize costs and maximize speed. Here’s how one custom suit gets to your door in as little as 12 days:


A customer chooses from hundreds of styles online and customizes the suit by adding suspender buttons, monograms, pleats and other features. Fourteen 45-second videos tell the customer how to get properly measured with the help of a friend.


In Shanghai, a team of four, led by a master pattern maker, reviews the order against the customer’s body type and measurements. A pattern is created, and the order is packaged with others and allocated to one of Indochino’s four production partners.


Fabric, sourced and supplied by Indochino, is cut to fit the pattern. Garments pass through some 80 stages on the production line prior to final pressing and inspection.


The finished suit goes back to the team in Shanghai for quality control. They check that the garment matches the customer’s measurements and that all of the customizations are in place. The defect rate is less than 1%.


Finished orders for North American customers are consolidated and shipped via FedEx. Packages are sent to logistics hubs in Memphis or Winnipeg, and are then delivered to the customer or to an Indochino showroom.