Great Ideas: Better than all the rest

Written by PROFIT-Xtra

Regardless of what you’re selling, the sad fact is that most people have very low expectations of salespeople in general. This is because so many salespeople do not deliver any value, have no desire to, and never will—they just want their commission. So says Frank J. Rumbauskas Jr., bestselling author of Never Cold Call Again. In his new book Selling Sucks, the marketing consultant and sales coach offers a few tips on how to differentiate yourself from other salespeople and stand out as someone who others want to deal with.

  • Be a persuader, not a manipulator. Ditch those slick sales lines, pushy sales techniques and closes designed to manipulate prospects into signing. And avoid canned phrases such as “More profit is something you’d like to achieve, right Mr. Prospect?”
  • Ooze genuine confidence. You need to present the persona of a powerful and self-assured leader, the kind who inspires trust and confidence in prospects. Other salespeople will continue on with their canned lines and questions instead of real conversation, which comes off as needy and nervous, and who would never be thought of as a trusted business adviser.
  • Make a name for yourself. Don’t just go to networking events to hear speakers; be the speaker. You can also try contacting editors of local media to offer them contributed articles. You might even consider trying to write a book or an e-book. It will take you to another level of credibility and expert status.
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