Google Launches Think Insights in Canada

New resource aims to help businesses see the ROI in online marketing campaigns

Written by Russ Martin and David Thomas for Marketing Magazine

Google Canada launched its Think Insights service Tuesday, offering marketers a suite of case studies and insights into trends and digital marketing tailored for the Canadian marketplace.

Launched in the U.S. in 2011, the new Canadian version debuted with a case study showing how Hudson’s Bay Company has driven in-store sales with online marketing and promises commentary from Canadian marketers like Twist Image president Mitch Joel.

Sophie Chesters, country marketing manager for Google Canada, said there is a huge appetite for case studies, consumer insights and research that is Canadian specific €“ not American or global work.

“Due to our proximity to the U.S., the industry is constantly flooded with examples and references to U.S. data and trends, but this is not enough for marketers who want accurate, smart consumer specific data,” Chesters said. “By introducing a Canadian version of Think Insights, we’re able to provide a resource for focused Canadian insights which addresses the unique challenges of Canadian marketers and their agencies.”

Tools available at launch include a “consumer barometer” that shows how online media affects purchase decisions, a “mobile calculator” that shows the impact of mobile marketing and an “Insights finder” that can help brands tailor messaging to reflect what consumers are currently searching for.

In the future, Chesters said the company will add some content, such as seasonal trend insights ahead of key shopping seasons, on a fixed schedule and some as it becomes available, like the results of Google’s ongoing research studies.

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