Google Keeps Latest Plans Hush Hush

The tech giant is keeping both the public and its competitors in the dark as it builds in the San Francisco Bay

Written by Mira Shenker

Reports are circulating that Google is building…something! For the last few weeks, it has been obvious that construction is underway, but Google has been able to keep the details secret by building in the San Francisco Bay. The Associated Press reported today that the tech giant is erecting a four-story structure, but by docking it on barges instead of on land, it avoids dealing with city building permits and public plans.

In a time of DIY corporate espionage (Read: Release Your Inner Cyber-Spy), Google seems to be trying hard to keep its plans private.

Rumour has it that Google is building a store to sell its newest wearable tech, Google Glass. But the structure could also be a data centre. Deb Self, executive director of the environmental group Baykeeper, told the Associated Press that whether the barge-mounted structure is a store, or a data centre powered by wave action, for which Google has a patent, there are going to be “grave concerns.”

“We don’t really want to see the bay used as a shopping mall. Unacceptable,” stated Self.

Unless Google is planning to sail its finished building out into the Pacific Ocean, it will eventually have to explain its plans to the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, a state agency that governs projects on the water. But for now, it’s a mystery–one that Silicon Valley residents are eager to unravel. Originally appeared on