How to build a greener business

A collection of ideas, insights and opportunities at the intersection of business and the environment

Greening Your Business

5 practical tips for greening your company

The authors of “Greening your Hospitality Business” provides practical tips on how any company can reduce its footprint

Why natural gas is key to lowering Canada’s carbon footprint

Harvard’s Michael Porter argues that cutting coal in favour of natural gas is the most pragmatic solution at the moment

How Carbon Engineering plans to make a fortune out of thin air

This Calgary energy firm is pioneering a massively ambitious plan to filter greenhouse gases directly out of the air at industrial scale

How oil companies are tapping tech startups to boost efficiency

Faced with falling oil prices, companies are turning to technology startups to make their rigs more efficient

Investing in greener office buildings really pays off for landlords

A new study finds that environmentally friendly office buildings have happier tenants, higher rents and lower turnover

How Saltworks helps resource companies purify water at massive scale

Some of the world’s most contaminated water goes in; you can drink what comes out the other end

Jane Goodall on how to get people to hear your message

“With storytelling, you have to get to people’s hearts. It’s not about engaging them intellectually”

Why energy firms like Enbridge are hiring environmental activists

How veteran eco-warriors of the ’90s Clayoquot Sound protests are transforming the oilsands today

How Imaginea Energy founder Suzanne West is greening the oil business

Imaginea is experimenting with new tech to reduce drilling’s impact

Ecovative plans to build houses with materials made out of mushrooms

This New York–based biomaterials company hopes to create a new category of environmentally friendly building materials by growing them from scratch

How MEC’s new head office encourages employees to stay active

The coffee’s at the top of the stairs. And of course there’s a climbing wall

Why the oilsands would still be economically viable under carbon pricing

The industry is not too fragile to cope with carbon pricing or emission reduction targets

Montreal’s Urban Barns pioneers a green new take on the factory farm

Long posited as an environmentally- and cost-friendly concept, Urban Barns is turning “vertical farming” into reality

Enviro-scolds have spooked companies into silence about sustainability

Accusations of “greenwashing” undermine even genuine environmental progress

Despite superior returns, investors cool on socially responsible funds

Institutional investors have been more receptive than organic-eating, Prius-driving retail investors

Climate Change has a branding problem: it’s not as scary as “global warming”

Activists of every stripe should learn about brand-building