Five of the best businesses for Canadian entrepreneurs to go into now

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Thinking about starting, building or spinning off a business? Entrepreneurs will not to want to miss the 10th annual business opportunity guide in the issue of PROFIT magazine hitting newsstands today. Here are five highlights:

  1. Private healthcareFirst, let’s debunk a myth: Canada has never had an entirely public health-care system. One health organization estimates 30% of the $130 billion spent on health care in Canada in 2004 was for privately delivered services. The Supreme Court of Canada’s landmark June ruling pertaining to delays due to the ban on private insurance opens the door for private clinics.
  2. Disaster planningThe recent disaster wave has made risk management a hot topic for businesses, especially publicly traded ones, which increasingly see crisis readiness as a competitive edge.
  3. Energy conservationPrice-shocked consumers and business are keen to cut consumption. The price run-up is fueling demand for high-efficiency furnaces, insulation, weatherstripping, doors and windows.
  4. Pampered kidsParents are perhaps keener than ever to turn their children into superkids. Statistics Canada data shows real after-tax family income grew 9.5% from 1998 to 2003. Combine that with a 4.3% drop in the number of kids 12 and under and the result is parents with more money to spend per child.
  5. Wireless servicesCell TV’s growth promises to accelerate if cellphones equipped with Wi-Fi, an increasingly popular broadband wireless platform, prove a hit. As Wi-Fi-enabled devices spread, including almost every new laptop, demand for access promises to make Wi-Fi almost as ubiquitous as phone service — finally paving the way for long-promised mobile mapping and product-location applications.

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