Double Your Sales!

Five steps to boosting your company's revenue

Written by PROFIT

Want to send sales through the roof? Try these methods, which marketing consultant Tom St. Louis of Zerald Communications in Toronto says his work with SME clients has proven will boost your revenue by 100% in 26 weeks.

> IDENTIFY THE UNIQUE VALUE OF YOUR PRODUCT: What do you offer that is so valuable? Who wants it and will pay for it? How do you let them know? Improving your answers to these questions will increase sales exponentially.

> TRY THE “100-INVOICE EXERCISE”: Scan 100 invoices, noting which deals made good margin from satisfied customers who were easy to work with. Then recall the factors that impacted those sales. This process reveals what drives your best sales; do more of that.

> COMMUNICATE REGULARLY WITH CURRENT AND FORMER CLIENTS: Offer them something with value, such as an invite to an event, news on your industry or a free estimate.

> MAKE IT SUPER-EASY TO BUY FROM YOU: Be easy to reach and always answer queries quickly and politely.

> SOLICIT REFERRALS: Try to sit with clients while they go through their contact manager—you might get 100 referrals from that single meeting.

—From “The Great Big Idea Guide,” by Kara Kuryllowicz (November 2002)

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