Don't Be a Failed Inventor

Our essential guide to turning a brilliant idea into a big business

Written by Staff

So, you’ve had an “aha!” moment. Maybe you’ve created a really revolutionary product or service. Perhaps you’ve simply come up with a better mousetrap.

Now what? How are you going to get it to market?

History has proven that a great idea is no guarantee of a great business. There have been legions of great inventors who just plain sucked at commercializing their brainchild—often, to the detriment of their finances, relationships and overall well-being.

That’s because taking a new product or service to market is more complicated than you think. Whether you’ve established your business and are testing a new product, or you’re a startup with little more than a great idea, there are countless factors to consider—and even more obstacles.

Do you know how to protect your intellectual property? How to sell yourself to potential investors? What about where to find inexpensive sources of market research and R&D?

Never fear! The editors at PROFIT are here to help. We’re pleased to bring you The Inventor’s Playbook, a free white paper designed to help you take your winning concept from mind to market. Download the report to uncover unexpected financing tips, super-effective sales and marketing strategies, and many more tactics to help you build the booming business your brilliant idea deserves.

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