How DavidsTea designs its stores to get customers in a buying mood

Part of the tea retailer’s success has been its focus on store design and how it gets people to sample its product

Recently we talked with DavidsTea CEO Sylvain Toutant about the company’s IPO, its growth plans for the U.S., and how it’s adapting to the changing habits of Canadian tea drinkers. From the start, a key part of DavidsTea’s success has been its retail stores.

In the video above, Toutant gives us a tour of the DavidsTea flagship store on Toronto’s Queen Street, and highlights the design choices that the company made to try to appeal to a younger demographic and get people to engage with its products. Here’s what Toutant had to say about its design strategy in our interview:

First of all, when you look at the competition landscape, tea is an evolving category and much of the tea purchased in North America is purchased in a grocery store. We do compete now with other speciality tea retailers but I think as tea becomes more popular, it’s actually helping Davids Tea carving out our own place. We have a very different approach to tea. We want to make tea fun and accessible. And as you can see the design of the store, it’s very young, it’s very open, it’s very design-focused. We’re not traditional and we want to make sure people can have fun.

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