Canadian Innovators Have Global Potential

BDC Venture Capital plans to invest $100 million in energy/cleantech companies

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BDC Venture Capital believes that energy/cleantech is a major opportunity for Canadian businesses. The VC fund will invest $100 million into Canadian tech companies that have the potential to thrive in the global market.

Canada has an opportunity to be a leader in the cleantech market, said Tony Van Bommel, senior managing partner of the Energy/Cleantech (ECT) Fund. Bommel said the fund will “support Canadian ventures that have the potential both to commercialize scalable ECT technologies and to generate significant returns.”

Rather than investing in major, capital-intensive infrastructure projects like solar or wind farms, the BDC Venture Capital ECT Fund invests in scalable, capital-efficient ventures focused on more efficient use of resources. For instance, D-Wave Systems, a quantum computing company based in Burnaby, B.C., and REGEN Energy, a Toronto-based provider of energy-reduction solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional and multi-residential facilities.

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