Four ways to build a better corporate board of directors

Boards are under the microscope more than ever—and too many aren’t measuring up. Here’s how to whip yours into shape

Man in suit under construction

(Illustration by CJ Burton)

Public scrutiny of corporate boards has reached an all-time high. They’re too white, too male and too old. They’re too focused on short-term profits, not enough on long-term planning. And as the world faces a digital revolution, some members don’t even own a smartphone. But who should be sitting around the table in 2016? And what should they do when they get there? Here are four goals every company should consider today.

How to make corporate boards more diverse

More diverse boards make better—and more profitable—decisions. But it takes work to seek out the right candidates

How to get corporate boards to think longer-term

Keeping the long term health of the organization in mind means looking beyond last quarter’s share price

How corporate boards can set executive pay more fairly

One way to control sky-high C-suite pay packages is to base compensation on better metrics than just stock prices

How to make corporate boards savvier about technology

The whole economy is being transformed by digital technology, but many directors lack the right technical knowledge