Antoine Pacquin

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Serial entrepreneur

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The “Midas Touch” for recognizing potential and emerging technologies




Montreal, QC

Currently residing in

Ottawa, ON

Antoine Paquin has helped shape the Canadian telecommunications industry through a career of tremendous contributions to the Ottawa-based high tech community. At only 35 years old he has helped more than a dozen emerging high-tech companies in capacities ranging from founder and CEO to angel investor and strategic advisor.

Throughout the Canadian tech industry, Paquin is renowned for his ability to recognize sound products and their market potential at an early stage. He plays a hands-on role in the companies he backs, investing a combination of time, experience and capital. He describes himself as “a businessman with deep technical roots.”

Antoine’s rise started in 1995 when he founded Skystone Systems, a fibre optics company. He sold Skystone to Cisco Systems for more than US$120 million just two years later. He then became president and CEO of Philsar Semiconductor, a firm that focused on personal wireless connectivity. Under his leadership, Philsar was acquired by Conexant Systems in 2000 for US$250 million. His leadership and sale of these two companies — in such short order — helped nail Ottawa’s place on the global telco map, and Paquin’s place as a Canadian technology titan.

Following Philsar Antoine set his sights on BitFlash, a firm that delivers graphical content to wireless devices. Initially he invested in the firm and later became its CEO, serving in this capacity until February 2002. He now continues to serve on the Board of Directors.

Antoine holds a degree in systems engineering from Carleton University and a range of industry accolades including the Ottawa Citizen 2000 Innovator of the Year and the 2000 CANARIE IWAY Award. He is currently President of ANPAQ, his private holding company, and is on the board of several startups. Needless to say, people are watching closely to see what’s next.

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