Anatomy of a Winning Gimmick

How B.C.-based window-washing franchisor Men in Kilts turned a one-off suggestion into an indelible brand (complete with eye-catching tartan and "No Peeking!" t-shirts)

Written by Deborah Aarts

It’s not always easy to stand out in the market—especially when the product or service you’re selling is pretty commodified. That’s the situation Men in Kilts founder Nicholas Brand found himself in when launching his window-washing business. So he took a friend’s recommendation to play up his Scottish heritage, and thus, a brilliant marketing gimmick was born. This infographic from the Fall 2014 issue of Canadian Business shows how the Surrey, B.C.-based franchisor developed the eye-catching uniform that has helped spur its success.

(Illustration by LeeAndra Cianci)

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