Advice: Wisdom from winners

Written by ProfitGuide

Savino Griesi CEO,

Allegro Mobile Solutions,

Mississauga, Ont.

Believe in yourself. Canadians in general have a philosophy of: “We’re just Canadians; we can never be anything big anywhere.” But a lot of great people come out of Canada. We produce a lot of top talent. So, be proud of being Canadian, stay Canadian and don’t limit yourself in terms of your dreams because you’re Canadian.”

Kevin North President & CEO,

Dyadem International,

Richmond Hill, Ont.

Focus on the business plan, but also on the people and the products. Business plans are secondary to the people you have on board. If you have good people, your business plan will evolve naturally. As for your products, look at creating more intimate relationships with your customers, and really listen to them so that you’re always producing more value in your products.”

Chris Rasmussen

President & CEO,


Markham, Ont.

The objective is to have fun. Enjoy what you’re doing! And if you love what you’re doing, it’s really not a lot of work. If you can focus on serving a particular market niche and client segment and you can have fun at the same time, then the reward is yours.”

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