5 Tips for the 21st-Century Tech User

Tips to keep in mind as you acquire ever more tech tools to help run your business

Written by Mira Shenker

You’ve heard plenty of advice about which technologies to use, but what about how to use them, generally? Writer and entrepreneur Kevin Kelly posted a list of approaches and skills to help users handle the fast-changing, high volume of technology we deal with every day.

Some of the standouts:

1. Anything you buy, you must maintain. Each tool you use requires time to learn how to use, to install, to upgrade, or to fix. Buying the tech is just the first step. You can expect to devote as much energy, money and time to maintaining a technology as you did in acquiring it.

2. Often, learning a new tool requires unlearning the old one. The habits of using a land line phone don’t work in email or cell phone. The habits of email don’t work in twitter. The habits of twitter won’t work in what’s next.

3. What do you give up? The only way to take up a new technology is to reduce an old one in my life already. “Twitter must come at the expense of something else I was doing, even if it just daydreaming,” writes Kelly.

4. Take sabbaticals. Once a week let go of your tools. Once a year leave it behind. Once in your life step back completely. You’ll return with renewed enthusiasm and perspective, advises Kelly.

5. Keep it simple. Find the minimum amount of technology that will maximize your options.

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