5 lessons from Michael Myers

Written by Ian Portsmouth

1. Over the course of eight films in the original
movie series and two remakes (total box office take: more than US$340 million), Michael Myers has slain more than 100 people by such means as electrocution, strangulation, stabbing (with knife, scissors, pitchfork and syringe) and even boiling one victim in a hot tub.

LESSON: Use all the tools at your disposal.

2. Building a great company requires overcoming the many personal and professional setbacks that come with doing business. Think you have it tough? Michael has rebounded from his own impalement, beheading and immolation.

LESSON: Stick-to-it-iveness will see you through to success.

3. Despite endless interference from his psychiatrist and all those pesky teenagers since that Halloween night 31 years ago — never mind the modern-day temptation to find his match on eHarmony — Michael never takes his eyes off the ultimate prize: killing the girl.

LESSON: Focus relentlessly, despite all the distractions around you.

4. Employees perform best — and demonstrate more loyalty — when they know what kind of boss they’re going to have, day in and day out. Michael won’t win any HR awards, but at least his would-be victims are safe in the knowledge that he’s always in a foul mood.

LESSON: Be consistent.

5. Despite all the trauma in his life and the torment of his past, Michael always — always — wears his game face (even if it is a modified Captain Kirk mask).

LESSON: Never let ’em see you sweat.

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