21 essential Web tools: Data storage and transfer

Written by Ian Portsmouth, Jim McElgunn, Kim Shiffman and Kara Aaserud

JungleDisk: Keep your files truly safe and sound Thanks to, never again will you need to endure the agony of losing an important computer file. Its S3 service is a secure, encrypted storage system offering unlimited data backup. You use the free JungleDisk application to move your files, up to five gigabytes at a time, from your computer to the S3 service. An alias folder that appears on your hard drive makes it as easy to move files into S3 as to any other folder on your internal or external drives. JungleDisk and Amazon each give you an access key for the service, which costs US 15¢ per month per gigabyte stored and US 20¢ per gigabyte transferred. Handily, if you install JungleDisk on multiple computers, you can access the same files from any machine. Popular alternatives: Streamload, Xdrive, ElephantDrive MediaFire: Store and swap mega-files worry-free Problem: you urgently need to send or receive a fat computer file — say, a media-rich PowerPoint presentation or that bootlegged copy of Star Wars with the alternate ending — to or from a distant colleague, but your e-mail system rejects super-sized attachments. Solution: try to find and figure out your firm's FTP site, burn the file to disc and call a pricey courier — or just use MediaFire, an online storage and transfer facility. Its no-frills interface allows you to upload a file to its servers for subsequent download by a colleague using the supplied hyperlink to your file. Unlike many other Web-based file warehouses, MediaFire sets no limits on file size, never deletes your files, charges nothing and doesn't require registration, unless you want to manage your library of uploaded files. Popular alternatives: OmniDrive,, Streamload, Yahoo! Briefcase

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